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Sea Tech Week® is an opportunity to meet the Campus mondial de la mer community and to forge and strengthen collaborative international bonds. Its specific cross-disciplinary approach brings together research and business.
Attracting 1,000 international participants to Brest every two years, the Sea Tech Week® is held in virtual in 2020 and provides the opportunity to enlarge the national and international audience.

The current page is the front door to access the exhibition, the poster and press halls, the B2B meetings and the conference.

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  • Access the exhibition, posters and press halls for free from October 12th to December 16th
  • Chat and Skype for free with the exhibitors during the 3 days live exhibition (October 13th, 14th and 15th)
  • Register for free and plan your B2B meetings organised from October 12th to 16th
  • Attend the sessions of the conference from October 12th to 16th (live and replay). The access requires prior registration to the Sea Tech Week® conference before Thursday 8th October 16p.m. [More info and fee]*

* Please note that the sessions ‘EOOS Ocean Technology Forum’ and ‘Interreg TIGER’ are free of charge. Fill in the opposite form to register.

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